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Patting Splash Mask

Patting Splash Mask is an innovative product originated from Korea traditional cleansing method with rice water.
It is a concentrated liquid type mask that removes fine dusts and dead skin cells only by ’30 seconds’ washing without irritation.
It makes skin smooth, and helps better absorption of the next skincare.

  • Patting Splash Mask:Energy Yellow Citrus Honey

    Energy Yellow Citrus & Honey


    Contains lemon and honey extracts with rich vitamin C
    to make your skin clear and bright with hypo-allergenic
    care of dead skin cells.

  • Patting Splash Mask:Healing Green Tea

    Soothing & Healing Green Tea


    Contains green tea extracts to calm the stressed and
    irritated skin, and balance the skin with oil controlling
    and pore clarifying.

  • Patting Splash Mask:Rejubenating Purple Berry

    Rejuvenating Purple Berry


    Contains the extracts of 5 berries that have rich
    polyphenol and anthocyanin which make skin supple
    and smooth.

Vital Treatment

Vital Treatment is a vital essence which penetrates deeply into the skin with extracts
from roots, seeds, and beans to make a transparent and vital skin.

  • Vital Treatment:9 Essential Seeds

    9 Essential Seeds


    Contains the extracts of 9 seeds with rich niacinamide
    and vitamins that restrain the generation of melanin cells
    and brighten the skin tone.

  • Vital Treatment:5 Energy Roots

    5 Energy Roots


    Contains the extracts of 5 roots and oriental ingredients
    that have saponin to provide with moisture and add
    radiance to the dry skin.

  • Vital Treatment:8 Nourish Beans

    8 Nourish Beans


    Contains the extracts of 8 beans that contain rich
    isoflavone and phosphatide to raise elasticity and soften
    the wrinkle.

Pressed Serum

Pressed serum contains ingredients from homo-hundred longevity area.
It has excellent absorption rate with deeper moisture and richer nutrition than serum.

  • Pressed Serum:Gold Apricot

    Gold Apricot


    Gold apricot is used for medicine and
    cooking in Hunza, Pakistan. Apricot seed
    prevents freckles and dark spots as well as
    recovers damaged skin caused by UV rays.

  • Pressed Serum:Crystal Iceplant

    Crystal Iceplant


    The iceplant contains rich zinc and minerals
    that produce collagen. It calms the skin by
    relieving stress, and provides moisture to skin
    for soft and fresh skin.

  • Pressed Serum:Velvet Yam

    Velvet Yam


    The yam contains mucin which is a complex protein
    combined with carbohydrates, excellent for skincare.
    Also, fermented argan oil, olive oil, shea butter, and
    macadamia oil form a protective film to the skin.

  • Pressed Serum:Tundra Chaga

    Tundra Chaga


    The chaga mushroom is a unique medical mushroom
    from tundra region that contains rich beta glucan.
    It provides elasticity to skin, and protects from
    external environment.


Blithe’s INBETWEEN line was created to protect and flawlessly prep skin for make up.
In enhances make up wear while instantly smoothing and evening skin tone and texture.
Also, it presents different skin condition according to one’s make-up style by correcting, softening and brightening complexion.

  • Essence:Makeup Prep. Essence

    Makeup Prep. Essence


    INBETWEEN Makeup Prep. Essence is a light essence that protects skin and prevents skin dulling and discoloration cause by make-up.

Priming Cream

These innovative products act as skincare that improve makeup wear by helping control sebum production to prevent makeup from fading.
Also, different from regular silicon primers, these priming creams not only prep skin but also hydrate.
The INBETWEEN priming creams correct tone, add radiance, and deeply hydrate the skin.

  • Priming Cream:Instant Glowing Cream

    Instant Glowing Cream


    INBETWEEN Instant Glowing Cream is a transforming priming cream that smooths skin and provides instant glowing effect for vibrant and luminous skin.

  • Priming Cream:Hydro Priming Cream

    Hydro Priming Cream


    INBETWEEN Hydro priming cream is an elastic textured cream that provides hydration and helps make-up to stay on longer

  • Priming Cream:Tone Correcting Cream

    Tone Correcting Cream


    INBETWEEN Tone Correcting Cream is a priming cream that helps even out skin tone, brightens and enhances complexion for perfect make-up

Special Care

Blithe's special care line protects your skin from the harmful environment,
and provides moisture to maintain healthy skin.

  • Special Care:Intensive Mask Sea Cucumber

    Intensive Mask Sea Cucumber


    Sea Cucumber contains taurine and saponin with anti-oxidation function as well as brightening effect to remove freckles. Also, niacinamide, sea daffodil extracts, and vitamin C brighten and add radiance to the skin.

  • Special Care:Intensive Mask Abalone

    Intensive Mask Abalone


    Abalone extracts with minerals, proteins, amino acids provide ultra hydration to dry skin. Moisturizing components like fructan, hyaluronic acid, peptide, and marine collagen make skin soft and moist.

  • Special Care:Intensive Hand cream African baobab

    Intensive Hand cream African baobab


    Baobab fruit contains almost 6 times higher levels of vitamin c than orange and 2 times higher levels of calcium than milk. It is also rich in vitamin B, magnesium, iron, phosphorus acid, antioxidant which helps to moisturize and make hands and nails softer.

  • Special Care:Anti-polluaging Cleansing Water

    Anti-polluaging Cleansing Water


    Anti-polluaging Cleasing Water effectively removes not only makeup but also yellow and fine dusts through the principle of osmotic pressure in pink salt solution. Especially, Himalayan Pink Salt is rich in iron and mineral which helps to nourish and protect skin.